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Export data to Excel method does not work in build (.exe)

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I am new to LabView 2010, but have made a small application which works as intended when run as a VI in the Labview environment. It is a simple data acquisition where the results are shown in a waveform graph. I used the "Export data to Excel" method to make the application transfer the results from the graph to an Excel file programatically.


However, when I build the application and run the EXE file, the application works fine apart from the export to Excel. Excel does not start, and when I right-click the graph to do "Export data to Excel" manually, it does not work either. The data can be exported to clipboard and then pasted into Excel, which is doable workaround, but not very elegant...

Any thoughts?

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I think while creating the exe you didnt add the MS Office llb file to the source files. Try doing this. I'm not sure this is the reason. Let me know whats the result once you check this.





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That may very well be the solution. I certainly did not add such a file. However, I am not sure how to do that:
Where should that llb file be located? Do I just add it to the project from which I build the application?


Sorry for the newbie questions...

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The export to excel files should be here:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\vi.lib\ExportToExcel


You have to add some files from ExportToExcel folder (or all of them - you can try with all of them) following the steps:

- Open Build Properties

- On the second tab from the list (Source File) you have the option to add files that should be always contained. Here you must add your file -  press the blue arrow to add files that are already added to your project.


I have an old application (LV 8.5) where I use Report Generator Toolkit for MS Office. In order to make it work also as exe, I had to add in the Always contained list the Toolkit VIs. So, as Nitzz told you this must be the problem.



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Well, Paulie has shown it very well in that image. Though I couldn't understand the language:)





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Me neither Smiley Very Happy One has to deal with what he has!!


Unfortunately it doesn't work. I tried it New Project, Add the files as I descriebed above, Build it and nothing.


But you can make your own Vi that works also as .exe. Take a look in the attachement. This way works without doing anything special. Ok, you have to convert from Numeric to String and it works.

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As Paulie already wrote, it does not work.


It seems that the application is unable to call the "Export data to Excel" method. I do not get any error messages, just missing functionality. Unless someone has anything to add, I think I will just use a workaround. Either the one you suggested Paulie, or something else.

I am now just curious about what it takes to make the otherwise quite neat feature of direct export of data from graphs to excel work in an application.


Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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Accepted by CFNoergaard

Hi CFNoergaard,

This specific issue has been fixed in LabVIEW 2010 SP1.


If you upgrade to this version, it should do the trick.

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see :

Excel 01

Excel 02

Excel 03 


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It seems, that the update doesn't solve the problem. I'm using LabVIEW 2010 SP1. The Export to Excel-function doesn't work (no reaction).
I have also tried, as suggested by PaulieQ, to include in the building file. Even that did not change.
I also noticed that the export to clipboard does not work either. It seems that not only to the functionality of Excel is affected.



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