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Executable to control device with serial port

Hi Listeners,


I created my very first installer in Labview for a client. I needed to create an application which controlle a device via serial connection ( COM port ). I have tested my application in dev mode many times and I wa always able to: 1) establish a VISA connection 2) perform tests. Note: I download drivers from Anritsu for the MT8852B model which apparently uses its own variation of VISA to gain access to the device. From what I could tell it did not reference the NI VISA but I could be misunderstanding that.


Anyway, needless to say when I create an executable I can no longer control the Anritsu and run any tests.


I was told that when you build an installer you have to specify certain run-time tools when doing something like this. So I did some searching and it appears I needed select NI-VISA (even though Anritsu does not use this) and as an added suggested precaution, install NI-SERIAL and select that in the installer process.


I built a new executable with the aforementioned run-time tools but have not been able to locate PC without LabVIEW installed. I will try to locate onel but has anyone encountered a similar issue with creating executables in general where the application needed to control a device via COM? If so who did you go about cresating the installer for a device which seems to use a non-NI VISA approach?




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I use serial port cards that just show up as COM ports.  NI VISA has never had proplems working with them.  For installers, just need the LabVIEW Runtime Engine and the NI VISA Runtime Engine.

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