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Event name resolving

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@Vasilich2004 wrote:

@RavensFan wrote:

Don't use the same Constant labelled In for both Create User Events.  Use a constant with a different label for the second Create User Event.

That is incorrect. In example, name doesn't come from constant "Int" which connected to "Create User Event". Name comes from integer control "Int" of Device cluster.

I know.  That comment was based on your original VI that you posted.


But then you went and changed to coming from the device cluster.  So Ben's tip would apply.  Typecast the cluster to another cluster.  But the constant going into the typecast would be the same datatypes, but the labels of the elements would have different such as EventRef1 and EventRef2.


It gets very difficult to suggest ideas to you when you change the problem every step of the way.



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