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Eurotherm 2416 control problems!


I read a post that was make up for the forum NI on 06/06/2003 in which speak of some of the drivers that had MODBUS and they were too big to post in the forum. The user is "mikeporter", I hope he or someone who read this message can help me and send the VI that was send to a member called "RMy" by email.
If it is possible i apreciate because I am having problems in the control of a Eurotherm 2416. The site where it was posted this is

Manually I can work well with Eurother 2416, this applied to a furnace which I am trying to control temperature and that it has different kinds of temperatures (constant, increase, decrease ...) but through the series comunication that uses "et24xx"  library I can only read the temperatures.

I would greatly if it were possible Mike or someone who now this


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You'll need to post your e-mail address in order for Mike to be able to send you the VI's.  Your e-mail address doesn't show up to other users in your profile.

But DON"T just put it in the message.  You'll run the risk of getting spam.  Spell it out in a way so that Mike can recreate, but so that those spam webcrawlers can't snag it and start spamming you.

Such as

e   m   a   i  l   at   s.e.r.ver  dot     COM

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Thank you for advice, but I think there will be no problem putting my email here. My email is "" Mike if you can please send me the VI's or if you can help me otherwise. If someone could help I  be grateful.

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