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EtherCAT PC TCP/IP as RT controller

I want to recognize in Labview PC TCP/IP module as EtherCAT master. What way should we do?

I have Labview 2021 and additionally, we installed the RT module and VeriSTAND.


I have a device controlled by Labview via EtherCAT Ackermann driver. And now the customer requires a control device as RT Target. All examples are shown with the RIO system. What should we do in case that master is a PC network card?

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Only an RT target can be used as an EtherCAT master

Setting Up EtherCAT on NI Programmable Controllers

Setting up 3rd-Party EtherCAT Slaves in VeriStand

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I am asking for a manual/guideline on how to setup an RT machine with an EtherCAT master on a standard PC

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So are you using an NI RT machine or a standard PC for the EtherCAT master?

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I am using a standard PC for the EtherCAT master.

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I assume that you are using a desktop installed with Pharlap ETS RTOS running VeriStand.

Based on Configure NI Ethernet Interface Device as an EtherCAT Master, you must use any of the NI Ethernet interfaces that are supported by the NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT: PCIe-8231, PCI-8232, PCIe-8233, PCIe-8235. 

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