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Error while configuring Application Web Server in LabVIEW 2010 f4 patch

Don't mean to butt in here but I'm dealing with the same thing...


I also cannot see the NI Application Web Server in the Services dialog but I do have the ApplicationWebServer.exe in my Ni WebServer directory.

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Hi James,


Yes, ApplicationWebServer.exe is present in the location you specified.




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This is a bug and we have been able to duplicate this behavior.  We are currently looking into what is causing this and what the solution is.  For now, you can get everything correctly working by restarting the computer, then going to Add/Remove Programs >> NI Software and repairing whatever is the latest install of LabVIEW is.

If the repair doesn't work, please let me know.
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Hi Terry,


Ah finally it works!!!


I just repaired the software like you suggested and every thing seems to work well.

I hope this fix will work continously with out any problem.


Thanks you all for your replies.




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I found the problem.  There was a handle leak in the service that queries the installed/running web servers that was preventing the application web server from being uninstalled. 

It has been fixed for LV 2011, but unfortunately there's not much to be done for already released binaries.  We are creating a Knowledge Base article for folks who run into this outlining that (thankfully) a repair will fix things.


Apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced.

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JamesTJ: Very much appreciated!!

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Hi, I am having some problems with the web publishing tool of Labview 2010 (32-bits). I can run the system perfectly in internet explorer in the server computer, but in the client one the page is not working (I already installed the Labview run time engine). Do you know why?

in the attachment there is an image with the problem

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