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Error when trying to connect Raspberry Pi using LINX. "Failed to connect to the target"

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Hello dear all,

I want to use Raspberry Pi 3A+ with LabVIEW.

I follow the installation guide.
The installation goes fine, it can perfectly detect the RPI PI 3A+, it can reboot it automatically during install, and as far as I understood the process, it's installed (Tools->Hobbyist->Target Configuration). There is no connection problem with the installation.

However, when I go in a project, and I do right click -> connect, it makes the error you can see in the screenshot above.

"Failed to connect to the target"

I have the 2023 Q1 Labview community, and the latest Raspbian on the RPI Pi 3A+.
Can someone help me with it ?

Here are the logs during the installation : (I made one again so you can see)

Connecting to target...
Successfully connected to target.
Successfully connected to the target.
Target configuration updated.
OS Version: 11.7
CPU: BCM2835
Systemd Version:
Has Internet Access: True
Device Type: Raspberry Pi 2 B

blacklist spi-bcm2708is not present.dtparam=spi=on already exists.i2c-dev already exists.i2c-bcm2708 already exists.blacklist i2c-bcm2708is not present.dtparam=i2c1=on already exists.dtparam=i2c_arm=on already exists.
Adding MakerHub feed...
MakerHub Feed Already Exists
Updating package index. This may take over 30 seconds depending on your internet speed...

Installing LabVIEW...

Rebooting Target...

End of logs


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Accepted by topic author sebsuture

I successfully solved this issue.

I installed a headless preinstalled image of Raspbian directly to the Raspberry Pi.

Found it on GitHub, you can get the image depending on your version of LabVIEW Community.


You just have to flash it, connect to your network by Wi-Fi or ETHERNET (same network as your computer), find your pi IP, and it works fine.


Just don't go through the installation process of LabVIEW Linx and add directly your PI to your project.

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For further reference go to this page to learn how setup the raspberry pi.


Also there is a forum dedicated to the Hobbyist toolkit 


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