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Error Not Displayed But can be Highlighted

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I am currently having an issue where LabVIEW says that my program is broken but the only error shown is that 'Bundle By Name' function is unwired. However, when I double click on the error, it takes me to a section of the code where no functions are placed. Anyone ever had this issue before?

I already checked other VIs relation to this one and I cannot seem to find an unwired 'Bundle by Name.' Is there any way I can get a visual on this function.


I added the second photo as a Docx because for some reason I cannot upload it as a PNG.


Thank you



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Hello, Jaquelyn.


     I cannot see anything useful in either picture.  But if you attach your VI, I can easily see all of it, can run it, can see its behavior, and can probably figure out what it is doing.  [And if I can't, there are at least a hundred of other active Forum viewers who will jump right in ...].


Bob Schor

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Accepted by topic author jaqui.cyth

Most likely there is an unwired BBN node and it's just hiding under something (for example, if one or more of your loops or case structures don't have the auto grow flag enabled, then things can be hidden).


If this really is the case (as opposed to a corruption of the VI or something similar), then these things might help:


  1. After highlighting, use the arrow keys to move the selected objects until you can bring it to somewhere you can see (this assumes the highlighting selects it too).
  2. Go over the structures and find if they have auto grow disabled.
  3. Hit the cleanup button (although you probably won't like the results).
  4. Write a small utility using scripting code which will allow you to find all the BBN nodes in the VI and select the one you want and then modify it (this isn't particularly complicated if you have experience with scripting).

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