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Error 7 only during executable for Call Function Library Node

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I am having some issues with LabVIEW creating a working executable for my application. The program communicates with a Keyence LK-G5000 series laser displacement sensor with drivers provided by Keyence. When running the program within the development environment, the program runs without any issues. However, when building the program and running the program with an executable, the program outputs Error 7 as shown below:


error 7.png


After looking through previous posts about error 7 and the executable environment on the NI forums, I found a lot of people mentioned that the development environment and run-time environment use different path structures. I also found a guide from NI to fix this issue here:


However, after following these instructions, I still receive error 7 only while running the program in an executable environment.


I have never used any .lvlib libraries in the past before, so I am not sure if this may have been the issue (it was provided by Keyence.) The library includes 2 private VIs that can only be called within the library, so I don't think I can go without using the library. There are VIs in the library that call upon DLL files (which are also included in that same library) through the Call Library Function Node in LabVIEW which don't seem to be included when I create an executable. Even adding the DLL files manually to the folder where the executable exists results in the same error 7.


Is there anything I am forgetting in my code to allow the program to function within an executable?


Attached are the Keyence drivers, my top level VI (GeoREF-Keyence and all my sub VIs.


Best regards,



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Accepted by victorzhao

Executables take different path, as a start of debug make the path as indicator and see what path is being expected in executable mode?

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-Your Development and Executable environment are same or different?
-You can try creating installer with the exe, generally it avoids most of the dependencies issues.
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Hi PalanivelT,


Thanks for the reply.


It looks like I was missing a another strip path on the development environment after using indicators to show the DLL path.


The problem is now solved.



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Good day. I found your write-up and was looking at the VI you made available. I just started trying to get connectivity between labview and then LK-G5001 via ethernet. I am currently just wanting to connect over Ethernet and read the values for the output setup in the LK-Navigator software. Can you assist in a generic connectivity vi?  THank you for your time.

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