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Error 43 occurred at File Dialog->

when using the file dialog vi and a user cancels the pop up to select a file i get



Error 43 occurred at File Dialog->


and gives the choice to continue or stop




is there any way i can get the vi to not display the error using this vi or do i need to build my own file dialog vi??


i believe the vi should provide a boolean out and then its up to the programmer how to handle the cancel



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It is up to the programmer how to handle the cancel. You've chosen to use automatic error dialogs and you chose not to wire the error out cluster of the function.
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Which File Dialog are you using?  The Express VI has a cancelled? output.


You can compare the error code to number 43 and handle it accordingly.

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On your Tools "time and dialog" pallette, there is "clear". You can unbundle the error cluster, check for 43 code, case its 43 run "clear". In fact, here's a shorter method, you can just replace the error code 43 with zero (& set bool to F and clear the text) when it occurs using a Bundle by Name on the error cluster.
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well error checking must be on by default.



and thanks for the input i did fix my problem

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HOW did you get it to work?

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As richjoh said:

clear errors.png

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The General error has this functionality built-in.



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