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Error -383201 explanation

Hello, I am brand new to LabView. I am creating a very simple model where a simulink model in integrated through VeriStand API. While running the model I am getting the following message


Model Interface Toolkit: The reference to the model is invalid. Ensure you pass a valid model reference to this VI


Error -383201 occurred at


Appreciate any help to understand this error

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Usually when a new LabVIEW Programmer gets an error in running their LabVIEW code, it is because there is an error in their code.  On rare occasions, just knowing about the error is enough to say something like "Oh, you forgot to wire the such-and-such function", but the more common issue is to tell you to please attach the VI (or VIs) that you are trying to run so we can see what you are doing, try running the code ourselves, ask more questions (like "What are you really trying to do?"), and make useful comments (rather than simply "guessing").


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,

   Attached is the VI, dll and the accompanying mdl I am using the generate the dll. All I am trying to do is add 3 numbers and write out the output. 


Thank you for looking into this

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Apparently I am not able to attach an .slx file. Here is screen shot of the Simulink model from which the dll is generated

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@pk68 wrote:

Apparently I am not able to attach an .slx file.

Combine all your files into a single zip file and attach that.

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Thanks. Attached is the zip file

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