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Strain gauges act differently?

Hello all!


I am wondering something for quite a while and it seems that I can't find the correct answer. Hope any of you will. 

The figure in the annex shows the section of the frame of an electric step. When standing on the step, it will bend and it will give compression above and tension below. On the right, the green squares show where a strain gauge is placed. Assume I use a strain gauge that is placed on the rib as shown with the green circle. This means that, in section view, it will be rotated 90°. 


What difference will this give in the results? 


I really appreciate a good answer since i'm very curious about it.


Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,




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Your question has nothing to do with LabVIEW. Please decide on a better forum here and then ask a moderator to move your post.

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What is an "electric step"?

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