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Error 2 while finding examples

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Whenever I try to go 'Help->Find Examples' on my home copy of labview 8.5 running on Windows XP SP3, I get the error in the screen shot.  I have no GPIB devices, and the error remains after a re-boot, and having labview be the only program running.


It's not a huge deal, but it would be nice if the example browser worked at home.  No issues with it at work.


Any suggestions?

Cam Tardi



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Your error message provides the function (System Exec) and the full path to the exe it is trying to run. Have you looked there for the file? Have you tried to use the system exec to do the same thing?
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Durr...exe is missing.  I was reading too much into the 'Memory Full' part of the error message. *doh*
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