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Error 1172 when generating .NET interop assembly for array output with class type

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we got an error when generating a simplistic toy .NET interop assembly if the source VI returns an array with non-standard LabVIEW (class) type. If the returned value is not an array, it works with any type.


I attached the LV project (version 2014 no SP).


Any idea?



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FYI: NI has confirmed it to be bug and issued a ticket CAR 606191.


The recommended workaround is as follows:

"Regarding a workaround, if they really need to build an array of classes, one
suggestion was to access the data inside the class as a cluster, and to build
an array of clusters instead of an array of classes. He could then build that
into a .NET interop, and once he sends that over to his text-based program (I'm
assuming this is what is happening?), he can build it back into a class.

If for whatever reason he is sending it to another LabVIEW instance, he can
also flatten the class into a string."



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