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Error 11 at TCP Wait On Listener (RT project)

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I cannot open your VIs since they in future version. But you might be doing this:

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@N_743 wrote:

I cannot open your VIs since they in future version. But you might be doing this:

Negative, in the screenshots I provided earlier it shows that I did not wire the listener id to the connection id, which would be incorrect.

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Well since I cannot look in to the VIs. It is a bit hard to say what exactly is going on by looking at pictures. You could save your VI for the previous version if you like.




You can try making a simple VI for the client side just like you have for server side, no cases, and see what happens. See if you can first establish a simple connection and communication. EDIT: I do not recall exactly but I have a case triggered for error 1 when I am entering a wrong IP Address while connecting to a drive system. (I finished my VIs in rush so I did not document the real reason so do not consider this as a fact).

I think it was while attempting to connect with a wrong IP might not be applicable in your case.

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I believe I've got the issue resolved. Somebody on Reddit came to the rescue. See their response below:


You should be laying out your code a bit differently. I suspect you're running out of ports or something for the client connection since it's reconnecting for every transfer but old sockets aren't getting cleaned up properly (I'll add more once I'm actually at my pc)


Edit: Okay the easy answer with the code you have already is to make sure you're closing the client TCP ref after you do the write. You just let it float away into the ether and LabVIEW is likely never releasing the client port that it used for the connection. You're either bumping up against a TCP reference limit or it's run out of available port #s it can use to establish a new connection request. The client TCP ref is separate from the listener and you're only closing the listener reference when you want to shutdown.



What I did was placed a TCP close connection in the server loop, circled in red in the picture below.

tcp fix.jpg

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