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Error 1 on Generate Report Set Modified

I'am using the Report Generation Toolkit for MS office to produce a set Word documents.
Some times I got the Error Message:
Error 1 occurred "Generate Report Set Modified"
Possible reason(s):
Object 0x000000 is not valid.
The software is a standalone EXE, it looks like this error occurs some times on a specific PC.
It's not posible for me to reproduce this error on my development PC.
What can be the reason for this??? Smiley Sad
Thanks for help,  Huub
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In my experience, this error might occur if you close a Report reference but try to use the same reference later.  Perhaps you have a race condition in your code where the reference is getting closed when it still might be needed in parallel running code?  A race condition would explain why the problem occurs in a built EXE but not in the development environment.
Also, are you following the proper steps for building an EXE with Report Generation Toolkit VIs?  Check the Report Generation Toolkit User Manual for the steps on building an EXE when using the toolkit...there are some dynamic VIs you must add to your build in order for your EXE to work.
If you're still having problems, please attach a simple VI (along with the build steps you're taking) that I can use to reproduce the problem.  Also, knowing what version of LabVIEW, Windows, and Office you're using would help.
Good luck,
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Hi Darren,
Just back from holidays I have seen your reaction, thanks for that.
The program is working seqential so there is no paralel proces that close a reference.
I have build the EXE with using the dymanic vi's as in the manual.
I found out that IF the error occurs, the error happens after using the "New report line.VI"
In some Pc this happens more often than in at others.
In the New report, a refence is made to a "" after that a "Call By Reference Node"  is done. Somewhere in here it is going wrong (Not allways, as I already  told)
I think that it is posible to find a work arrond by not using this  "New report line.VI"  and  simply using the "Append Report Text.VI" and adding a CR/LF.
I will try this tomorow, do you have other or better sugestion?
Thanks for help and greetings, Huub
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I don't have any other suggestions...if you could give me a very simple example of the VI that produces the error, along with steps to reproduce the problem, I can investigate it further...I have never encountered issues with the New Report in the past.
Also, make sure to let me know your Windows, LabVIEW, Office, and Report Generation Toolkit versions, to help me with debugging.
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Hi Darren,
Hereby the VI where the error occurs.
I use this VI 3 times in a document to insert a barcode. (Fonttype also included and renamed  from *.ttf to *.txt)
The main progam produces a set op documents an makes the folowing steps:
  • Open a new word document
  • Put in some text
  • Put in 3 bar code's (1x without a new line and 2x with a new line)
  • Put in a few  tables with text data
  • Prints and close the document
Then this sequence is repeated for the next document.
The error is not always occuring and also it also not always the first document in the sequence.
when the error occurs is happens after the New Report
In the rest of the document I dont use the New Report
To find out where the error occurs first I have put a test vi after each vi that reacts on the error because I can not debug in an EXE. In my development enviroment I am not able to reproduce the error.
Thanks for help, Huub
Windows XP profesional version 2002 SP2
MS Office profesional edition 2003 version 11.0.7969.0
LabView version 8.20
Report generator toolkit Version 1.1.2
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Hello Huub,

I tried and tried to reproduce this problem, but I could not.  I tried VIs and EXEs with both Word XP and Word 2003 and your VI worked fine every time, with no Error 1.  I tried appending text to the report, then running your VI with different "number of lines" values, then appending more text to the report, and it worked just fine every time.  At this point, my only suggestion is that you use your stated workaround, which was appending a line feed to the report without using the New Report  If you want me to troubleshoot further, I will need a VI from you that reliably reproduces the error.  If you wish to further troubleshoot the issue yourself, I recommend building your EXE with debugging enabled so you can figure out which node specifically causes the error...the VI that is being called dynamically by New Report is vi.lib\addons\_office\_wordsub.llb\

Good luck,

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