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Enable button save when I was clicked on all three radio button

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Hello guys,
I have 3 radio buttons.

And I want the save button to be enabled only when the 3 radio buttons have been clicked (really the 3 not the last one only).
How to do this please?
Thanks you 🙂

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Accepted by topic author ZOE_23

If you wire a numeric indicator to the radio button, you will find out that no selection returns a zero value. Thus you can check if all radio buttons return the non-zero value.

Also, this is a common mistake but when using an event structure, you should create an event for the Stop button otherwise the new True value from the Stop button will not be read until an even has occured.

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Accepted by topic author ZOE_23

What does "clicked" mean in your universe?


  • A selection as opposed to "no selection"?
  • A specific set of values (e.g. all on Start )?
  • Should it un-click if you click an item twice in a row?


Also note that in the above code, the FOR loop is vestigial and can be removed without any change in functionality.




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Hi ZYOng,Thanks you for your answer,
And thank you also for the suggestion about the mistake, I often make this mistake.
This forum is realy great

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Hi altenbach,
Thanks your for your answer and I will remove the for loop.
In my universe clicked mean: A selection as opposed to "no selection"
If I click an item twice in a row it Should un-click

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