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How do I specify the security protocol for an email server when using SMTP email functions.

I would like to auto-generate and send emails on a certain time interval.

I can do so to mail servers such as AOL, Yahoo, etc.

However, the email for the company I work for (Michigan State University) uses TLS protocol.

How can I specify this when using the SMTP functions, and provide log-in information if neccessary?

Cory K
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The built-in email VIs do not support authentication or security protocols like TLS. You will need to use an alternate method, such as .NET, if you're on Windows, or use the Open G SMTP library. .NET supports TLS, but I don't think the Open G SMTP VIs do. You can find examples of using .NET in the Developer Zone. E.g., :
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I will mark Smercurio's post as the solution, since he led me there.

But in case anyone comes across the same issue, here is the VI I found that works.

Its the one that says Gmail.VI.

You can edit the server to any TLS server (ie in my case).

Cory K
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