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Email Attachment that is not a file

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I would like to send data (maybe an array, or string, or variant) as an email attachment.  I can find plenty of examples of sending emails with attached files.  So, one option is to save the data as a file and attach it.  However, I'd like to skip the save as a file step and attach the data directly.  Seems that shouldn't be too hard, but after much research and messing around with .Net constructors and methods, I haven't been able to figure it out.  (I am fairly .Net clueless, I admit.)  Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!

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There are tools for converting binary files to text and back.  Search the web.

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I am trying to attach data to an email without first saving it as a file.  I'm not trying to convert a binary file to text. 

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Then put the data in the body of the message.  Attachments are for files...message body is for data. 

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I suppose that I can just flatten my data to a string, put it in the body and send it that way, but I am looking to add it as an attachment, without saving it as a file first.

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Thanks, aputman, I had thought of that since my original post and was working on it...

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