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EXIF Reader - Version 0.0

This is version 0.0.  It's incomplete, but basically working.
  • Although it can read data that's most likely to be of interest, it can't access some items.
    • My Nikon D780 can use ISO settings > 65535.  When it does that, I can't find the ISO (and neither can this S/W).
    • When I convert a .HEIC file from my iPhone to a .Jpg, the GPS data are in there somewhere, but I can't find them (and neither can this S/W).
  • There are no hooks in the S/W for parsing out an IFD whose contents vary from brand to brand.
  • The VI's aren't too messy, but I still need to do some cleanup.
  • I haven't yet created documentation nor an installer.
The S/W is extensible as follows:
  • Additional file formats can be accommodated simply by adding files to the "PlugIns" folder (see the readme therein).
  • Tag names for additional IFDs can be added by adding/editing .ini files in the "Tag Mappings" folder.  The folder hierarchy under that folder must match the hierarchy of IFDs in the EXIF data.

If you make any changes or additions, run "... \EXIF Reader - V0\MAIN\Compile INI"

  1. Copy the contents of this folder to wherever you like.
  2. Run "... \EXIF Reader - V0\Support\Express\Support\
  • For now, open the project and look in:

My Computer -> EXIF Reader.lvlib -> MAIN VIs

  • The VI's you're most likely to want to use are:
    • View EXIF
    • Read Common EXIF (This is the most incomplete VI.  There WILL be changes to the output cluster.)
    • Read Specific EXIF

When calling this VI, use the Express VI "My Computer -> EXIF Reader.lvlib -> MAIN VIs -> CALLABLE -> Express Tag Selector.lvlib -> Main -> Express Tag"

Then feed its output into the "Tags to Read" input of "Read Specific EXIF".

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Very interesting.  I'll try it out on some jpegs when i get home.

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Here is version 0.5.  It seems to be working nicely; including the installer.

I still need to create the help files.

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