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Dynamically loaded VI template queued message lost after several hours on win10

Hi All,


I have an application which loads a VI template 12 times into 12 subpanel. The VI templates handle 12 LIN devices independently. The main concept is that the mainVI runs a loop, consuming the queued messages sent by the 12 VIs, and saves the info into a text file. The 12 VIs just communicate with the HW, and enque the position information once it has.


The above concept runs on win10 for about 12 hours nice, the text file logging has been modified to start a new file every hour, due to the huge amount of data. I don't think that any virus scanner or auto update process is what kills the app partly, because it happens at different time.


After about 12 hours, the main VI's queue consuming loop doesn't seem to get any data from the producer VIs, but the other parts of the app (main VI's loops, power supply handling / measurement, GUI handling, like change tabs etc.) seem working. The app starts with about 28% CPU load, it doesn't change, the memory load starts at about 80 MBytes, it gets about 208 MBytes after 12 hours - this must be checked, but I don't think it is critical, since I have 8G of ram, and the computer works fine, no freeze, no performance issue at all. 


So I guess that something happens with the queue, but no idea. My second ide was that win10 somehow pushes the app (partly, a tread for example) into the background, and this is why it dies partly. Is it possible?


Thank you all for any suggestion!




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Is this running in the context of a LabVIEW Project (do you have a file with the extension .lvproj)?  If so, compress the folder holding the Project (and all its VIs) and attach it so we can understand what you are doing and suggest how you might fix this, probably by a re-design.


Bob Schor

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