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Dynamic modeling of serial robot



I'm trying to make dynamic modelling and controlling of the parallel robot. I have made a dynamic model of the serial arm with the help of Puma robot dynamics in example finder. My guide had advised me that I can make this serial arm into the parallel-arm mechanism with just copy and paste a couple of codes. Can someone which part of the code can do that. I'm stuck with these for days. my parallel-arm mechanism is basically two serial arms connected together.My parallel armMy parallel armSerial armSerial armSerial armSerial armmain file for dynamicsmain file for dynamics 

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Hi, @LastSamurai,

The pictures you attached may be intuitive to some people, but are fairly complex/abstract to others.

  • If you explain more about what your current code does (and what you would like it to do), it would help a lot.
  • If you attach a copy of your LabVIEW project compressed as a .zip file, it would help even more.

(If you do both, it would be amazing.)


If you can't, let the community know and we can try to help you another way.




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