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Dynamic data into a 2D array

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I am using NI-6341 and LabVIEW 2022 Q3. 

As shown in the attached snapshot, I am trying to split the AI Voltage signals from seven physical channels so that I may use the seventh one for a separate task, whereas the first six need to be converted into a 2D array. I will take transpose of this 2D array for further calculations.


I am doing this because previously I was getting the Error code 50103 with the message: "The Specified Resource is Reserved". This was because I was trying to use separate AI Voltage tasks in the same code at the same time.


Problem: convert the dynamic data into a 2D array.



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You have a 2D array that you are converting to dynamic data for no obvious reason. Why not use "index array" (or possibly "delete from array") to get the data you want?


Most programmers stay away from dynamic data because we cannot really tell what's in it. For example if depends how the "to dynamic data" is configured, but there is no way to tell from a picture.


Can you attach the VI instead. tell us how the raw 2D array looks like and what you want to do with it. We cannot tell, because the visible part of your diagram makes very little sense. (For example why is there a "bias vector" local inside the loop? Where is the terminal? Is it possible that the value can randomly change between iterations?)

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I realize my mistake; I have gotten rid of the dynamic data, and just used the index array to get my desired output. Thanks!

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