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Drawing overlay on video in .NET Picturebox

Good Morning,


We manage through DirectShow to display the video coming from an USB Camera. The video is rendering into a picturebox. Now we want to dynamically draw some e.g. circles OVER this running video. Of course these forms should interractively be moved from the user (scaling, translation).


How is it possible to manage this? We did not manage to have something over the picturebox video. The only way found up to now was to have another transparent VI above the picturebox where the drawing are performed. The problem is that the drawing is also transparent... So if 100% transparency is selected, nothing is displayed! And of less transparency is selected, this results in a grayed video without sharp forms.



Thanks for any ideas.




PS1: I posted this question in a wrong area, so I post it here now... Sorry


PS2: We tryed also to build our own .NET control using but, Labview seems to override the background anyway.

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 I think there might be two ways to achieve that.

1, get the image to labVIEW via imaq, and edit the image adding to the image the requested forms.

2, build a xcontrol:

You can also use the LabVIEW build in elements as pointing arrays or circles to point were you want them to.

That is basically the same thing that was done here:


best regards



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