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Display issue on DSA8300 using a ported executable

Hello again,


I'm having a significant issue with my program not exactly "looking right" when used on a Tektronix DSA8300. This may not be specific to this instrument but I am having an issue where all of the elements on my Front Panel are completely rearranged and not fitting how they were

meant to fit when I had developed it. Here is what I mean......

On the InstrumentOn the InstrumentOn my Computer/DisplayOn my Computer/Display


I have set the option for "Scale objects to Window" for the ability to resize as well.

The display resolution on the instrument is 1024x768 while when I developed it on my display at 1920x1080...

I noticed that some of my functionality is also slightly broken when used on the instrument while using my laptop this issue does not appear.


For example, when using my log window on my laptop, it will query the user to enter a string and push that string to the top of the array.

Using that same function on the instrument, after it reaches the set 4 cells in the log window, it should bounce the 5th string to the top and push the previous 4 down one row....instead it is starting a new row after the 4th row meaning the user needs to use the vertical scrollbar to view any new string after the 4th row.


Is there some sort of run-time error that I am facing with the instrument? I don't believe this is a programming issue so it is possible that it could be a build-exe issue? There are already different versions of the software on the instrument already and I'm not sure if that is impeding with the version I am trying to test.

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I guess it is because you have set the indicators to "Scale objects to Window", you need to remove it then only it wont overlap over each other. In case if you still want to use it for its ability to resize then you need to create a array where you can see the output math values.


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Hi bvw,


another problem are the changed fonts of several controls and labels!


When deploying executables you should fix fonts issues by setting some keys in the executable.ini file… (first related result of a google search)

Best regards,

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