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Difference between 2 time in case structure

Hi amir,


just recreate that little VI and test for yourself using probes and highlight execution debugging…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Thank you Dear, i understand. 

Now, i want to calculate the longer distance measured during a session. i used shift register and every time i measure the new one with the previous, but i think i must compare the new one with the previous biggest distance.


my second question is that, i can show the data in arrays, but i want to create a control from which to choose the data saved.


i have attached my VI for version 2016. 


i'm very thankful for your patience and time.

Best Regards.

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What data are you saving? and how are you saving the data?

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the output of ultrasonic is double, then i used mean filter . i have attached my VI in the previous message. 

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When you say "data saved", I'm thinking about " you're saving data on your computer or something ." By looking at your code, I don't see how data are being saved. You are definitely displaying data on your front panel, but I don't really see how you are saving data."
If you want to save data to your computer or whatever, I'd be glad to help you with that, just be specific on what data you want to save.
Also I have another option on how to determine how long the LED has being ON. Just let me know, be more specific about the data.

In other words, I want clarification on the underlined statement below. What is the real question? Be a little be clear. I want to help you.


I want to help because I was helped too in this forum by people like Mr. @altenbach, @GerdW, @Bob_schor, @Paul, and so on...
Now, it's time for me to help too.

I look forward to hearing from you.


~ I just want to help you out ~

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Thank You Dear, i'm very thankful to you. 


For saving I'm not sure yet . i will inform you when i understand better the question. 


now, how can i show the longer distance during the session ( program ) ? i used shift register but i think is wrong because i must add another comparator, i don't know. could you please to help me. 

i have attached my VI on previous message. 


Best Regards,

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Hi Amir,


I have modified your code. 

Below are the changes I have made, also I have attached a VI for you. Let me know if that's what you want. 


If this is not what you are expecting, also let me know. We will get this right.

Also please, make sure you accept my answer as solution only if my answer deserves to be the solution. Be honest! If it's not the solution, don't accept it just to make me happy.

However, I would appreciate if you could give me at least a "Kudos" just a sign of encouragement and gratefulness. If you don't want to give me one, it's okay too. I will still help you out because I have so much love. I love everyone, even my enemies. But yeah, take a look at the VI I have attached.


Finally, get more explanation about the data saving and let me know. I have to help you with that. I am here to help you with any questions that you may have. 




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Thank You Dear, you have shown your love to me before. perfect Dear,


Thanks for changing and your time, now, how can i find longer distance during session? i used shift register but i don't know how can  i compare it ? 


Again, Thank you Dear

Best Regards

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Anytime dear.

but you want to find longer distance of what specifically? Are you going to be switching the LED ON and OFF during the session?  you want to record the elapsed times of every time you switch ON and OFF? Is this what you are trying to do?

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Thank you dear, 


i saved the data in txt file. everything is ok. Now, i want to show the data on chart then that data send by email. 


First i select the txt file from file dialog then show on the chart or graph which is ok til here. then i want to attach that file automatically and after 5 sec sends it to a specific email. my problem is that i don't want to create a control for attach, i want to select once the file then read, after that email. 

normally, i must select once to read and another time again to select that file ( 2times ) but i want to select one time the txt file then read and after 5 sec that file attach and email. i cannot connect attach file wire to file dialog because type of attach is 1D array file path and type of file dialog is path, i don't know what should i do Dear. 


Thanks for helping me .  

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