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Developing cRIO application without hardware (Not FPGA)

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I wish to build an application/get started before my hardware arrives (~1.5 months from now).

I am using the following:

  • cRIO-9047 Chassis 1.6 GHz Quad-Core, 70T FPGA, RT, 8-Slot, XT
  • NI 9209 +/- 10V Analog Input, 500 S/s, 16Ch Module
  • NI 9227 4 ch current input, 5Amp, ISO, 50k, 24bit
  • NI 9217 4-Ch PT100 RTD 24-bit, 100S/s/ch, Analog Input
  • NI 9478 16-Ch 0V to 50V, 1.2A per ch, 7 us, Sinking DO

This project is for sending current through devices using the sinking DO module and monitoring these devices.

I couldn't see how to simulate the hardware in NI MAX. I understand that its not going to be possible to simulate the FPGA controller, but shouldn't I be able to simulate Labview real time OS that the Chassis could run?


I do plan on using FPGA eventually for a PID controller to simulate constant current instead of voltage. But for right now, I just want to simulate labview realtime, that way I can start building the realTime OS (cRIO) part of the application right away.

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You could simulate a cDAQ chassis and use DAQmx to simulate your cRIO IO and you can build your control logic around that.

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Thank you!

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