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DevNames property occasionally returns empty

Hello all,

I have an LabVIEW 2019executable deployed on a 32-bit Windows 7 machine which is having an issue.  During initialization, the DAQmx System property DevNames occasionally returns an empty array despite the fact that the device is properly connected and identifiable by MAX.  Restarting the exe generally leads to proper initialization and the device being found.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how to handle this?

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I suspect there's an error on the input error wire for the property node with DAQ system properties. (Log and) clear the error before wiring the error wire in. Otherwise it will return an empty array.

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By any chance is it a USB DAQ?


If so, is there a chance it's going into power saving mode?  While I haven't seen this stop a DevNames node from working (I only rarely use it...), I have seen Windows USB power management cause other problems along these lines.

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