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Deterministic capabilities & LabVIEW

I have been very interested in seeing LabVIEW work
with a third party app that allows LabVIEW to run
deterministic with any vendor's hardware. Let
me describe the situation: We have a very large C++
data acquisition program that runs on Windows NT.
It is deterministic because we have another app
called "RTX", or short for Real Time Extensions loaded.
The website for RTX is:
To quote their website: "RTX enables Windows NT to
address the real-time evelopment and execution
environment of mission critical applications that
require high performance and real-time determinism.
RTX enables Windows NT to function as both a general-
purpose operating system and a high-performance real-
time operating system &#
8211; at the same time, on the
same computer."

Some new customers (very big) have requested LabVIEW
instead of our C++ program, but they want it to still
be deterministic. We have expensive H/W (Neff,
Preston, etc.) that we would like to still use.

This would be a great addtional marketing upgrade
for NI if something like this was added - so maybe
the software could be deterministic at say a 1ms
(& reliable) rate - no matter what H/W you use on a
PC or MAC.

I Thank You for your reponse !
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You probably won't hear this from anyone else, but I recommend not using Windows in this application.

There are several solutions at your disposal. One, is to try to use Standard LabVIEW with this NT Extension (I seriously doubt NT can be made deterministic with any degree of reliability.) You can also try using LabVIEW Realtime, which is available for a number of realtime (true realtime) operating systems, or you can try something else:

Gary Johnson's latest book, Power Programming, 3rd Edition (3e) describes a method for embedding LabVIEW applications on hardware such as a PC104. However, in his presentation, Gary's co-author indicated that realtime Linux could also be used.

There you go, a complete palette of methods to solve your probl

Also, check out LabVIEW RT.

Good luck
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Hi Labviewguru,
Thanks for your quick repsonse!
I already have scoped out LabVIEW RT and may
head towards that. We are stuck here with NT &
soon Windows 2000 Pro (XP a little later on).
I am gonna try calling RTX to see if they work
with LabVIEW - probably a long shot.

Thanks anyway!
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