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extracting and saving numerical and string historical data

Using the dsc, I'm logging both numerical and string data to the citadel database. Now I'm trying to extract and save that data to file. LabVIew has separate vi's to extract numerical data and to extract string data. However, there appears to be no VI that saves string data extracted from the Citadel database to file. I really need to save the extracted numerical and string data to the same file. However, I'd accept saving the string data to a different file. Does anyone know how to do this?
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You can use the File I/O functions to create the file. First you'll need to unbundle the String data into its components -- Timestamp and Value. Then from the timestamp get the Date and Time (using 'Get Date/Time String VI). Concatenate all these and write to the file.

I am attaching a VI which demos this. Of course this is just for demo purposes.. and doesn't do any error checking, etc.


Khalid 🙂

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