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Detecting Corrupted Typdef/Library


Detecting Corrupted Typdef/Library

This is a of an odd one that took me a while to track down. I had an issue with a stable program hard crashing with a LabVIEW Application Crash:

image.pngPresented Crash Report

And it has ended up being an issue with a suspected corrupted library linking so that trying to open a typdef with 'Open VI Reference' was the cause. However both the library and typdef were able to be opened in dev environment without showing any sign of issue.


Does anyone have any insights into how to either:

A) Catch these kinds of hard errors so they dont break everything?

B) Determine if there is a corruption of the library/typdef?


Attached the log that eventually pointed me in the right direction for the cause of the crash.


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Re: Detecting Corrupted Typdef/Library

Is your library saved directly on your C Drive or is it on a network?



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Re: Detecting Corrupted Typdef/Library

The library is saved directly onto a local drive but is distributed across multiple computers through the use of GIT.


The exact same fix of disconnecting typdefs from library and running again has resolved the issue in multiple locations where it has been detected all from the same commit of the library to GIT. So the issue definitely appears to be related to the files rather than to the environment.

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