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Detect a Bluetooth beacon

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I have a compact computer with Bluetooth and trying to detect that a unit sends beacons. I don't need to connect, just read the UUID (in a quick way).. 

I am using Labview 2020.


Does anyone has a idea of how this can be done?

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Accepted by topic author TakeANap

LabVIEW has no native support for BLE. You can try this library:

If that doesn't work you'll have to create your own library, probably using the Windows API API (

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I've never used them but there are several Bluetooth functions in the Data Communications/Protocols/Bluetooth palette.




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Yes. I have tested them all but no one seens to detect BLE beacons. I need the beacon and the UUID.

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Thanx! I made some quick tests and I can see the beacons. I will test the package of vi:s more.

Thanx again.

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