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Deploying thinkgear.lvlib in NI-myRIO-1900-030c1981

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I am trying to get connect a neurosky mindwave EEG headset to myRIO and I keep this error whenever I try to deploy the code in myRIO. The last line in the deployment status is as follows:


Deploying thinkgear.lvlib:_TG Set Data Log.vithinkgear.lvlib:_TG Set Data loaded with errors on the target and was closed.
LabVIEW: Failed to load shared library thinkgear.dll:TG_SetDataLog:C . Ensure that the library is present on the RT target. Use either MAX to install NI software or FTP to transfer custom libraries to the RT target.


 To get rid of this error copied the whole thinkgear.lvlib and thinkgear.dll in Y:\C\ni-rt path in myRIO using FTP. But i don't know this is the right way to load a library. Have i done something wrong? may be this is not the correct way to share a library file. 

But here problem is continued, it shows again the same message. 


Eagerly waiting for response.


Thank you for your help.

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I have the same issue... did you find a solution?

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Hi Eng,


do you think your myRIO is able to call functions from a Windows DLL?

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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You can't sure a .dll file on the myRIO. 

It is NOT a windows PC. It runs a NI Linux disribution. 

If you want to use this code on the myRIO, you need the right drivers for Linux and change the code.

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I think so. How can I check this? MAX -> myRIO software? 

Thanks for the quick reply btw ❤️


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You think so what ??

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Sorry dkfire, I was replying to the other post above yours. 

Hmmm so the myrio runs linux and it is impossible to read dll's? 😞 is there any way to go around this? 

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The Linux OS does not use dll's 


There's some discussion links here:


Patrick Allen:
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hey ENG

I did'nt find any solution yet. Do u?  

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Not yet... trying different things and keep researching but so far no joy 😞

Here's where I'm at when I try to run the program on myRIO (running just fine in windows)... ->

Calculating dependencies...
Checking items for conflicts. This operation could take a while...
Preparing items for download. This operation could take a while...
Deploying thinkgear.lvlib
Deploying NeuroSky Driver.lvlib
Deploying VAL-NI-myRIO(successfully deployed target settings)
Deploying NeuroSky Driver.lvlib:serialDataFormat.ctl (1.47 K)
Deploying thinkgear.lvlib:_TG Free Connection.vithinkgear.lvlib:_TG Free loaded with errors on the target and was closed.
Deployment completed with errors"

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