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Density, Motility and Morphology automated sperm analysis

I read the article by Ashley_M about the UCLA, Ozcan, use of NI LabVIEW for sperm analysis. I have been following the UCLA development for years in anticipation of seeing an actual lensfree sperm analysis system come to market.


To date no working system has made it to market. Does anyone know of any working production/marketable sperm analysis platform based on lensfree microscopy?


In search of a product I have the site for new research information and


I would love to find someone who has written the LabVIEW software for Density, Motility and Morphology automated sperm testing and analysis


Thank you,

Randall Ellis, A Thailand Pig Farmer



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I am not sure there are many people that have worked on your exact application.  However, we do have a lot of examples online where people post cool projects they are working on, I encourage you to look there to get some ideas on where to start.  There are examples specificly related to density and possibly others that would be helpful in your application.



M. Whitaker
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Attempting to send you a reply but get "message exceeds 10,000 characters" error - message only about 1,000 characters.

Thanks for your reply, Randy

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Will attempt to type directly, not cut and paste from MS Word


Yes, this area is potentially a year away from having true marketable products that have moved from out of the twilight and into daylight.


What is frustrating is to see the researchers display and publish information about the exact product that is needed in today's world.


Tomorrow will be the time of specialty APPs looking at specimen samples, those APPs talking to Image Recognition systems that talk to Remote Diagnostic Care applications resulting in remote area doctors having the power of doctors from around the world.


Because I am a pig farmer I can see the amazing benefits to Theriogenologists and doctors, the benefits are so immense it is hard to comprehend what tomorrow will look like, but it will not be a world of large microscopes focused on an image with some doctor wondering what they are looking at.


Thanks for your reply and advice,

Randall Ellis

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