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Delay problem



I'm trying to use Delay Time to assist in acquiring data from my program for excel, but it's giving error.
Please, can anyone help me?delay time.png

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a truncated picture is not suitable to troubleshoot the problem. Attach the VIs instead.

Did you read the error description? A 60 second wait is very long.

Where's the code relating to acquisition? To excel?

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this was just test, I need the code running 24 hours, but that the data acquisition is every 30 minutes


Aquisição de temperatura.png

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As we always say, we won't debug pictures. There is not enough information content. How is the assistant configured?

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That DAQ Assistant explains it.  You are telling it to use Continuous Sampling, but you are only going to read the buffer once every minute.  You are filling up your DAQ buffer.


Try using N samples mode.  Or don't delay your loop, just read the data every iteration,  but use an Elapsed time Express VI to determine when 60 seconds are up and use that to control when the Write to File Express VI executes.

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I need the code running 24 hours, saving the measurements every 30 minutes in excel.

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Yes, I tried to use other moder acquisition, but it also hangs. I'll try VI Time Lapse to determine the acquisition, thank you.

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30 minutes worth of 1kHz data is a lot, so most of this seems unreasonable.


  • How often do you want a measurement?
  • What is one measurement.
  • Are you talking about real excel files or something simpler (csv, etc.)
  • What kind of data is this?
  • What is the purpose of the measurements?
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need a measurement once every 30 minutes.
A measurement is for me to know the temperature, humidity and oxygen of the material studied. (every 30 minutes, as there will be changes in the meantime).
the excel file will allow the creation of a daily chart with the collected data.

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