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Data Grid

Good Morning,


I have created a webvi that shows various information that i request from a database using the HTTP get function. i am wanting to now display all the data for a particular client on a webvi which would be in a table format. I am just struggling at the moment to get my data to gointo a data grid. at the moment i am calling for the data using a url which points to a php script on the server. From that i unflatten it using JSON. i them place that into a cluster property and then display each element on its own across the page. what i want to do now is show that data in a table format for lets say an engineer to look at. Please could someone point me in the right direction how i would go about doing that.

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Ultimately you need to convert JSON Data to Tree?


You can share the Data and Code you tried to help you in a better way.


You can Format the JSON (Cluster Data) to Tree by Parsing and Building Elements

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