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Data Entry Text Box

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Hi guys,


I have some data entry boxes in my GUI which I would like to control.

The data is entered in Hex format ie. Ox sits next to the text entry box and the user should enter a value between 00 and FF for one byte.


As soon as the user tries to enter R for example I would like for a warning sound to occur and for the R not to be accepted by the text entry box, I would also like to limit the size to one byte, ie someone can't enter FFF.


Any help greatly appreciated.



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Sorry I forgot to add one more question.


I would also like for the hex address to be incremented by 1 when the user touches the Up key and decremented when the Down key is pressed  of course the user will have to click on this box beforehand.

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Accepted by topic author eoin87

Use a numeric control.  Change the properties to:


Appearance: Show Radix

Datatype: U8

Display Format: Hexadecimal.



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