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Data Entry Maximum and Minimum affects all objects on front panel?

Albert and Partha:


I definitely understand your curiosity, but this is just not something we have been in the habit of doing.  I hope you'll understand 🙂 

Chris Bolin
LabVIEW Partner Program, CLA
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i was wondering if my problem might be related to this. I am a noob, this is my first labview code ever.
The problem occurs when i attempt to set the minimum, maximum, and increment settings. I right click on the 

numeric control and change the maximum limit to 2.5, the minimum limit to 0.002, and the increment to 0.001.
this is done by going to properties and selecting the data entry tab. The problem is that the limits i set always reverts back to

0 as soon as i click on another box. 

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What version of LV are you running?


What datatype is your numeric control?

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I am using labview 8.6 and the data representation is double.
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Post your VI so we can see if we can replicate your problem.
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nevermind, i found my mistake, sorry for the trouble.
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