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Data Acquisition and Integration with MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

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I have multiple instruments from different manufacturers in a manufacturing line which requires data acquisition. I know how to acquire test data from different devices in the line and store it in a local database. But, now I need to integrate with a MES (Manufacturing Execution System). 


I do not have much knowledge or experience with an MES system and hence lack clarity on how to integrate my data acquisition software with an MES software. Currently we are in the initial phase of the project and it is not yet decided what type of MES system will be implemented.


I am reaching out to this forum to get an idea of how to approach this. What factors should I bring to our team's attention or what requirements do I want in an MES system so that when it is ready then I can integrate the data acquisition software with an MES system?


Or, any insights on this regarding interfacing with a MES system will be highly appreciated.

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This doesn't sound like a LabVIEW question but rather a question to ask the developers of the MES software.  You would still write your data into a separate database as you are doing now.  How that data is made available within the MES software or how your software is 'integrated' (whatever that means to you) into MES software is a question for those developers. 

Heads up! NI has moved LabVIEW to a mandatory SaaS subscription policy, along with a big price increase. Make your voice heard.
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