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Daqmx triggering issue



I'm having issues configuring the trigger between the two tasks for slot 1 and slot 2.




PXIe-1082 Chassis

Slot 1 - PXIe-8880 Embedded Controller

Slot 2 - PXIe-4309

Slot 3 - PXIe-4464


I'm using the Analog Input - Synchronization VI from the daqmx examples.  What's happening is my trigger is not being recognized (error 89125) and I suspect maybe the MAX configuration is not correct? The error states "No registered trigger lines could be found between the devices in the route. If you have a PXI chassis, identify it correctly in MAX" ect ect. (See Pic 2)


It's odd that when I disconnect the string input to the sub VI "Get Full Terminal Name", the example runs without error.  Although after a few seconds the data seems stale or unchanging.  I verified the VI is still running without error but something seems a little off with the data. (See Pic 1)


Also find it odd that I can only see my two modules in MAX and not the chassis or the embedded controller.


Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.


Pics three and for show MAX configuration and installed software.




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One problem from your screenshot.


You have a DSA device (the 4464) and another device (4309); neither the 4309 nor the 4464 is a X-series device. The 4464 is a DSA device, the 4309 is a SAR device, and I don't know what a SC express device is.


For one thing your sync method is probably incorrect. A DSA and a SAR can by synced by using the reference clock in the PXIe backplane. Try that method as your sync method. Both modules can accept a digital trigger.  Note there might be a phase shift with respect to the DSA device, there is a sample delay that depends on the sampling rate.


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Thank you for this insight.  I'm going to use this information and see what I can come up with.  I will let you know how it worked out for me.  Thanks again!

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As @mcduff explained, that DAQmx example was not designed to work for all architectures of DAQs, that example works only for sampled clock devices such as the multifunctional IO DAQs and not the DSA series.


For the DSA series, you've to use the example that ships with the Sound and Vibration Toolkit.


Some articles for you to familiarize,

Synchronization Basics - National Instruments

Synchronization Explained - National Instruments

Dynamic Signal Acquisition Fundamentals - National Instruments

Dynamic Signal Acquisition (DSA) Synchronization Basics - National Instruments

Synchronizing Different Types of DSA Devices at Different Rates - National Instruments



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