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DVR&Wireless cctv Camera

I have cctv wireless camera and I use the USB DVR to show the picture
in the my labtop.
but now I want to use this camera in the labview but I don't know how to work the cctv camera in labview ?
please help.

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And I don't now how to work the USB DVR in labview .... I hoop to someone help me .


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Let me pull out my mindreader cap to figure out what devices you're working with.


If you want help, you'll need to help us help you.  You'll need to tell us what devices you're working with, at a minimum.  You'll want to tell us what you've tried so far.  You'll want to show us SOME bit of code so we can trust you're going to work on this as well and not expect it to be handed to you.  You'll want to tell us what it is you're trying to accomplish.  It likely came with some software.  What functionality are you trying to add?  You need to be reasonable.  With what you've given, people here can only guess as to what would work for you.  For example, go to Help->Find Examples and search for the USB examples.  They should be able to read raw data from your USB.

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Hi tyryeer,


As natasftw said, we would need more information. If this is a USB 2.0 camera, it is possible we will be able to talk to it in LabVIEW using the NI IMAQdx driver, if it is DirectShow compatible. IMAQdx does require a license. We do also support USB 3.0 Vision and GigE Vision, in addition to FireWire (though that can get really messy on Windows 7 as Microsoft dropped support for FireWire).


For more information on support camera buses and standards with NI software/hardware, see these two resources as a start:


Another possibility is that the camera manufacturer includes DLLs or already has made a LabVIEW API and driver to talk to the camera. Do you know if either of these exist?





Rahul B.
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