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USRP FM stereo receiver with RDS



I am trying to build an FM stereo receiver in LabView with the USRP-2953R. I have some examples where I can find similar receiver which is using the MT Demodulate FM vi. Unfortunately, it does not allow to get the stereo signal but, only the single channel mono signal. So, does anybody know how can I solve this problem? Should I try to implement in LabView my own FM stereo demodulator from the complex I/Q signal or I can find some existing VIs? And another question is how can I retrieve the RDS signal? 

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Dear Marcin,

you can do all of that yourself - you will need to follow the specification of stereo FM transmission. Short story is, that in mono FM you are demodulating the L+R signal, and leave L-R alone. For stereo, you need to add some functionality.


When it comes to RDS, you can use the FM-RDS Toolkit, but you can also code it yourself.


I recommend you to go through this tutorial:

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Thank you, I have implemented the MPX decoder, it works quite well. RDS is quite sophisticated.

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