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DSC Module - Shared Variable Read/Write Access



I will try my best to explain my problem Smiley Wink


I am using labview 2012 sp1. I created Modbus server through shared variable in my cRIO. I want to transfer cRIO data to Modbus registers making cRIO as a slave. Then want to read the modbus registers by any master device or application. I am succesfull in updating the shared variables and  can read/write the modbus registers of the slave cRIO.


My problem is that i dont want that anyone can write the modbus registers. I want that only i should have authority to read and write the modbus registers and others can only read the registers. Is there any way that anybody can read (but not write) the modbus registers but only application running inside cRIO  (slave) can read/write the modbus registers.


I tried to change the read and write access of the shared variable but it's not working Smiley Sad


In short, how can a Modbus slave discard the function code 16 query of the master


I hope i cleared my point 😛


Thanks in Advance


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