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Hello folk,


I am learning DSC module and I dont find "configure tags editor"  window under

Toos>> DSC Module>> Tags configuration


Can you please guide me where am I lagging to find that ??

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What are you looking at that is telling you to look for "configure tags editor"? What version of LabVIEW are you currently using? I might be mistaken, as it has been awhile. But I think "tags" were something that was a part of the DSC module back in LabVIEW 7.1 and earlier. With LabVIEW 8, there was an overhaul in the architecture by adding projects. I think the network shared variable engine replaced the tag scheme of storing values.
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I am using Labview 2012 and I show network shared variable in every examples but dint find about tags that were mentioned in manual. If this shared variable could be used as tangs then I dont need to worry about tags. 

Thanks for the answer. 

Passionate for LabVIEW
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That didn't quite answer my question.  Why are you looking for anything about tags?  If your examples are talking about the shared variables and don't talk about tags, what is having you look for the "configure tag editor"?


Also, please don't create a new login for the forums.  Stick with one login name.

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Actully I was learning that from a PDF. There is a full chapter in it on tags and all. I guess I have an obsolete manual and latest version of software. That is why I was looking for the 

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