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DB Toolkit

I am using Labview 8 and DB toolkit. I can collect data and insert it into the database without any problem. But even though I can see that the database contain data, I cant read it. I got the message that both the "EOF" and "BOF" is true. But I can't see why! I have checked the SQL query, and I don't get and error messages. Does anyone have any idea why this happens! Because from what I understand I should get EOF=TRUE and BOF=TRUE only when the data is empty..... but it is not the case here, so why do I get it?

Any ideas!?
Thank you!
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You are not receiving any error messages is that correct? Which database are you working against and how have you verified that you actually have data in the database?


I suppose you are using the ‘Rec Get Recordset” property that states that if both BOF and EOF are TRUE at the same time, there are no records in the recordset.


If you use the ‘Rec Get Column” property what does it say about the sizes?


Might also be a good idea if you post the database part of your application since that makes things easier when troubleshooting.

Jimmie Adolph
Systems Engineering Manager, National Instruments Northern European Region

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EOF and BOF are TRUE if your query is return an empty recordset.  If you are sure there are records in the database, then your Query must have errors.


I'd reccomend running the exact same query using a simple Query Analyzer tool (not LabVIEW).  See if it returns data.
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