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DAQmx Scaling for Multiple Transducers

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I'm new to LabVIEW (I did recently take Core 1 and Core 2) and am curious if I'm missing something about DAQmx Create Scale. I'm using a cDAQ chassis with a 9923 module and several current loop pressure transducers. Create Scale works just fine, but the issue is that it scales all channels equally. I'm using several different transducer ranges that require different scales. I created a subVI to handle scaling, but would appreciate feedback on whether that is the correct way to do it or if I missed something in using Create Scale.


Thank you!

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What you are trying to do here is Calibration of Transducer. Generally we do curve fillting for each transducer and then have the data in an array in the sequence of the data acquired from the sensors. Search for Calibrating your Transducer and develop your code, if you have any question you may come back.


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Thanks for the quick response. I have the cal sheet in hand, so calibration isn't what I'm after - perhaps that's the terminology used here though? As I said, I need to scale the mA reading to PSI.


Either way, searching for transducer calibration led me to find what I needed. The thread is here, for anyone else who may be searching.

I didn't even think to use an array of channels and custom scales and then put the DAQmx create channel in a loop. Makes sense though.


Thanks again.

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