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DAQmx Encoder with TC output

im using a 6602 counter board for quadrature-encoder for angular counting.
I want to get an hardware output at a specific angular position.
I'm not using Z-index.
I need the output for hardware-triggering of another device 6132.

With conventional DAQ it seems I con set counter output TC by attribute VI.
How can this be done with DAQmx?
Thanks for any help.
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I'm not quite sure how you got that working right under traditional NI-DAQ without using the Z-index.  The main trick I knew of required use of the Z-index with unidirectional motion.  Care to share the idea?

Anyway, in DAQmx, you can configure that kind of stuff using the DAQmx property nodes.  Probably a DAQmx Channel property node.  Look down in the parts of the property menu for "General Properties" and "Advanced".  Lotsa neat stuff buried in there...

-Kevin P.

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