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DA100 darwin yokogawa data acquisition unit

i'm using Yokogawa DA100 for measuring temperature and relative
humidity and sending out alarm to operate relays of ventilation fan.
But the problem is my DA100 have no such a calculation option within
it, so what i'm trying to do is using labview to apply this function
into. But i who just start using labview and also DA100, have no idea
how it could be done. so the main two problem i have now,

1. Communicating by receiving measured data from DA100 to computer and
then calculating and finally using that calculated value to operated
relay is what i have doubt could this be realized???

2. i try to operate normally the labview file which provided by both and yokogawa, but i found that there are some errors occur when
want to start measuring or even set range,though i already
initialized RS232c. Do anyone ever try Vi provided by both and

Best regards
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I have not used it, but I did download it from NI's website. Did you get the Serial version from their website? Yokogawa DA100 Serial LabVIEW Plug and Play Instrument Driver and Yokogawa DA100 GPIB LabVIEW Plug and Play Instrument Driver will take you to pages where you can download either the GPIB or the Serial version. Make sure that you use the Serial version and not GPIB (if that is the interface you are using).

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J.R. Allen
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DA100 also has intrgrated math function using this you can implement several control action.

if you do not want to use the same function you can easity communicate the same it PC or NI host using RS-232/422/485 and GPIB only the implication in this case is that you need to purchse the appropriate communicationmodule from yokogawa.


communiation with DA-100 is very easy siple and fast.



for further queries please feel free to ask.



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