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Custom excel template path in Stanalone application

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But it works fine in development computer. I guess that express .VI can't actually find the template

Is there any way for us to verify that the template has been found by express VI?

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Try renaming the template in the \data folder and see if you get the same error.

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Yes, The same error occurs after I renamed the template.


Would you mind to give me the list of things that I have to do to build the application that has custom excel template please?
or a sample VI will also be wonderful.


Btw, I also attached the project file here



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Finally I found the reason why my program didn't work...

I was just my stupidity, I forgot to set the ActiveX on and also I forgot to specify the file name in "path to save report"


Thanks though for helping

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I did a test project and followed the instructions in this NI help file:


Report Help


and was able to generate an Excel report successfully. However, I did NOT wire a path control to the express VI. My path to the file was already defaulted in the Express VI itself (under the "Configure Save to File Options..." button). If that is what you also did, then delete the path control.


Here is my block diagram:



and the build specification:




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Yes...The setting was right actually Bill@NGC


It's just that when we wire the "Path to save" file, we have to write the file type (i.e C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\Downloads\Myfile.xls)


Thanks a lot 😄

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