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Custom DLL Icon?

I'm making a DLL using LabVIEW, which is used in TestStand.  The VI within the DLL that is called shows its front panel when called.  It works really well, but it has the default LabVIEW icon.  Is there a way to configure (or hack!) my DLL so that it has a custom icon?
I can use a custom icon for an EXE build no problem, but the DLL build options don't include a custom icon.  I suspect that nobody's thought about a DLL showing a user interface, so it isn't included as an option.
Many thanks
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The reason for this is that icons (in LabVIEW) are set per process (exe), and dll's are never called without a calling process. So the dll popup's will always use it's callers icon, and there is no need to include one in the dll.

You can try to change the dll's popup window's icon by calling LoadImage, FindWindow, SetClassLong API's, if you really want it. It works for exe's, perhaps it will work with dll's..


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Thanks for the reply.  I'll give that a try and report back.

I was thinking the same, and expected it to have a TestStand icon.  But it always has the LabVIEW icon, regardless of what called it.  One of my colleagues did build a DLL popup in .net, and was able to give it a custom icon.

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